Expert in technology development
Founder of CYSCA consulting

Mr. Tremblay obtained his first success when he designed the very first interactive satellite locating system prior to completing his bachelor degree in computer engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal. In 1996, Yves had the privileged to test and implement his invention in the two boats and the five luxurious cars of Bill Gates, President of Microsoft. Since then, Yves has successfully completed a Master’s degree in business and administration (MBA).

Following his studies, Yves has worked as a design engineer for Bombardier Transportation where he was in charge of the both communication & train control networks (TCMS) for the R142 New York subway program. Then, he worked at Adastra where he designed a GPS tracking system for prisoners. In 2001, Yves bought the technology rights of that system and founded Vigil GPS where this tracking system was adapted for vehicles and marketed.

In 2003, Yves founded CYSCA Consulting to offer his engineering expertise in project management and strategic restructuring advices. His entrepreneurial skills lead him to build a team of 30 experts.

Yves Tremblay, Cysca Technologies President


Vice President Business Development
Expert engineer in electronic design
Founder of Sysacom

After graduating as an electrical engineer in 1985 , Denis first worked at Positron Industries as an electronic designer in the field of telecommunications. One of his great achievement was the 911 system. In 1987, Denis joined Marconi Canada (now CMC Electronics) and was responsible for the design of military electronic devices.

In 1995, he founded SYSACOM. Originally a one employee company, the company grew and was composed of 25 employees when it merged with CYSCA in October 2016.

Denis is a recognized expert in the field of electronic design and signal processing. His many realizations are always exceeding customers expectations. Denis is constantly aiming at identifying unusual and innovative technical solutions to better suit customer’s requirements. His encyclopedic knowledge of electronic and related subjects is such that Denis is a key person that has the ability to resolve any type of design problem.

Denis Lachapelle, Cysca Technologies Vice President


Vice President of Engineering
Expert engineer in software development

François joined CYSCA in 2010 as a business partner, bringing an in-depth technical expertise in the field of software development.

Owner of a Master’s degree in the field of aerospace mechanical engineering science from the famous Princeton University, François has cumulated honors and outstanding successes throughout his career.

Among his successes, he has been responsible for the development of a parallel framework used in the design of transonic wings. To date, this technique is still in application for the design of multiple business and regional jets of Bombardier. He has also been actively involved in the launch of the Canado-Australien fatigue life cycle management of the CF-18 fighter jet.

François’s know-how, judgement and deep organizational knowledge are such that he has the ability to solve the most complex technological challenges. He is constantly seeking for new challenges.

François Lamarre, Cysca Technologies Vice President


Cysca Technologies inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of Jean-Pierre Baracat as Partner and Vice-President, Business Development.

A Mechanical Engineering Graduate from École Polytechnique de Montréal, Jean-Pierre brings a wealth of over 30 years of technical, commercial and executive experience in various positions. Notably, Jean-Pierre was key in the rapid and successful growth of Nova Bus, a division of the Volvo Group, where he held, amongst other positions, those of Vice President, Business Development and CEO.

More recently involved in consulting with international organizations in their growth and acquisition strategies, Jean-Pierre arrives at Cysca with the firm intention of making the organization prosper and grow at national and international levels.

Jean-Pierre Baracat, Cysca Technologies Vice-President, Business Development


System engineer and expert advisor in collective transportation

With close to 30 years of experience including 18 years in a variety of engineering positions in the public transportation domain, the reputation and credibility of Robert as an expert in the public transportation industry is recognized.

Robert actively contributed in the Montréal MPM-10 metro car procurement for the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM). He contributed to the preparation of the public tender and was a permanent member of the client team responsible for the monitoring of proposed technical solutions (hardware & software) for some of the most complex embedded and wayside systems.

In addition, Robert held multiple strategic roles in various metro car procurement including the R179 (New York), BART (San Fransisco), Trenitalia (Italy), R142 (New York) and TTC-T1 (Toronto) programs.

Robert has an in-depth understanding of multiple software and hardware regulations such as IEEE, EN50127, EN50128 and CMMI. His capacity to analyze and synthesize complexed situations is considered as one of his strengths.

Robert Lavigne


Senior Electronic Designer

Electrical Engineer (Information technology) – Graduated from École de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal in 2003

After graduating, Francis began his career at Brownsburg Electronik where he had carried out an internship during his university studies. He worked mainly in the electrical transformer design as well as in industrial control and automation. Francis has joined Cysca Technologies at the end of the year 2003. He immediately worked as a printed circuits boards designer as well as hardware and software designer of several projects in different fields of application. Francis has become partner of Cysca Technologies in 2011 to then become Administrator in 2015.
Francis Thiffault, Cysca Technologies Administrator and Electronic Designer


Layout Group Manager

Electronics Technician - Graduated from “Cégep Régional de Lanaudière de Joliette” in 2004 and certified CID by the IPC designers council in 2008.

Upon completion her DEC Anne-Marie joined Cysca Technologies team as a technician and worked at the assembly, wiring, debugging & test, purchases of components & printed circuit boards and the printed circuit boards design. She was promoted in 2010 to the position of supervisor of the PCB department and she is in charge to supervise & support clients & team members, projects estimation, preparation of schedules & assignment of tasks, working procedures and employee training.

Anne-Marie Coutu, Cysca Technologies Layout Group Manager