We develop wireless systems based on Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, BLE adapted to your application. You may need to deploy a web of sensors in hard to wire location such as forest, petroleum industry, mine tunnels, farm lands, etc. In these situations you may need wireless sensors to avoid wiring. At Cysca Technologies we have develop a wireless sensors platform that can be adapted to your application.

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To increase the coverage and improve the reliability of the sensing system when it is powered by limited power source, our wireless sensor platform is set in mesh network. Thus, the data is transmitted from a sensor to another till to the final destination that can be a wireless hub connected to a server or through the Internet network. Mesh network reliability is improved by the protocol itself since it creates many paths to transfer the data, so if one sensor becomes defective the data continue to be transmitted via another path.


Our sensors platform may work on battery only or a combination of battery and solar energy harvesting. Solar energy is accumulated in ultra-capacitors for later use when the sun set. Once the ultra-capacitors are discharged the battery takes over.

Our sensors platform design was guided by the harsh environmental condition of extreme humidity and temperature.

We can adapt our sensor systems to your particular applications, whether you need to measure weight, humidity, temperature, vibration, etc.
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